Marketing für Lebensmittel und Agrarprodukte

Research focus:

  • Environmental impacts of food production

  • Gesundheitsimplikationen von Lebensmitteln

  • Innovations in the agricultural sector: Precision Farming, breeding progress

  • Research project:

    • IMPAC3-project Legumes and legume intercropping

    • Dissertation topic:

      • The adoption of legumes in farmer and consumer settings - Facilitating an approach to the sustainability challenge

      • Teaching:

        • Module: The reputation of the seed industry

        • Selected publications:

          • Dominic Lemken, Achim Spiller & Marie von Meyer-Höfer (2017) - “The case of legume-cereal crop mixtures in modern agriculture and the transtheoretical model of gradual adoption”, published in “Journal of Ecological Economics”

          • Dominic Lemken, Mandy Knigge, Stephan Meyerding, Achim Spiller (2017) - “The worth of environmental and health claims on new legume products -A non-hypothetical online Auction”, published in Journal of Sustainability

          • Dominic Lemken (2017) - “Issue's media linkages - GMO sets the stage for intellectual property rights and market concentration”, published in Journal of Agrobiotechnology Management & Economics