Graduates of mathematics have excellent job opportunities and are among the best-paid job starters.

Nonetheless, it is not so easy to get an idea how the average working day as a mathematician could look like. On this site, we compiled some information that deliver insight: Job portraits, statistics and newspaper articles.

Own, direct experiences can be gathered in internships, that can also be credited for the study programme. We have compiled some enterprises in which our students did an internship here.

As a matter of principle, it holds that studying mathematics encourages analytic ways of thinking and a logical and results-oriented approach to complex problems. For this reason, mathematicians are sought after in many occupational areas. They can be included quite fast and look beyond one's own nose via their goal-oriented way of thinking.

A first guidance about mathematical occupational areas is possible at the study advisory Denise Krempasky. Here, you can also borrow books and journals about the topic "mathematics in the job".

In the Forum for Students of Mathematics and Computer Science in Stud.IP, all relevant job offers that are sent to the Study Office for mathematics are posted. The university also offers a job portal, the Stellenwerk Göttingen, in which job offers are announced that are of interest both for students as well as for graduates.

Portraits of mathematicians and their jobs

Statistics about the job market mathematics

Media about the career entry mathematics