ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
ECTS: Studying abroad is continually becoming more important for the development of an academic and professional career. Students abroad are therefore interested in taking courses that are relevant to their studies and having their academic performance properly accredited at home.

In order to provide students with the possibility to optimally used their studies abroad, the European Commission developed the ECTS system: the European Credit Transfer System. Thanks to the ECTS, academic achievement throughout Europe will become measurable and the universities will work even stronger together in order to guarantee the recognition of academic achievement.

What does ECTS offer?
It guarantees the academic recognition of academic achievement conducted abroad, as long as these are compatible with the respective study regulations.

It enables students to attend regular courses with their peers in the host country and participate in student life abroad.

Within the framework of the ECTS, students can continue or complete their studies abroad, or even change to a third institute of higher education abroad. The receiving institute of higher education decides under which conditions an enrolment or degree is possible.

The institutes of higher education remain autonomous in their decision and their responsibility.

How does the accreditation of academic achievement work?
Each individual course of a programme is evaluated according to a point system. The accredited points evaluate the the relative portion of the course and its relative value. Within the ECTS, the workload of a year of studying is worth 60 points, one semester 30 points. Internships and preparatory courses for thesis and other concluding papers are worth points if they are subject to points as part of the conclusion of an official programme of study.

In order to qualitatively assess academic achievement, an evaluation model was developed within the framework of the ECTS and comprises the grades A/B/C/D/E/F/FX.

Who can give information about n the ECTS?
The University of Göttingen has named representatives in each Faculty who can give information on the ECTS. In addition, the University has an ECTS university coordinator. At the University of Göttingen this is Mr. Muuss (Director of the International Office).