Toa Loaiza Lange

    Ph.D. Student


    Forests, livelihoods and REDD+ implementation in the Yasuní Man and the Biosphere Reserve, Ecuador

    The successful management of forest ecosystems under REDD+ requires full participation of indigenous peoples and other forest-dependent groups. Until now only few data exist on their organizational structure, decision-making processes, market access, and degree of forest dependency, which are essential for successful Payment for Ecosystem Services implementation.
    In the buffer zone of the Yasuní Man and Biosphere reserve we analyzed in how far these factors might have an impact on the participation in REDD+ activities in four selected Kichwa and Shuar communities and two mestizo-campesino communities. The study is based on community surveys and expert interviews using multiple data collection techniques, such as semi-structured interviews, and participatory mapping.

    Research Interests

  • Climate Change Mitigation & Mechanisms

  • Natural Resources Management

  • Sustainable Development

  • Ecosystem Services