LSC Summer School

LSC Summer School

Emotion Expressions in Human and Non-Human Communication

The link between emotions and cognition fascinates scientists from various disciplines. Contemporary theories do not assume that emotions and cognition are served by separate systems, as complex behavior of humans and non-human primates is governed through dynamic interactions between different neuronal networks. Different cognitive functions are influenced by emotions, suggesting that the interplay between both components is a fundamental element of human relationships. Even though the complexity of non-human animals' emotional repertoire is debated, an evolutionary continuity and the existence of emotions in non-human animals is accepted.

The international Summer School Emotion Expressions in Human and Non-Human Communication is dedicated to the interactions between cognition and emotion. Together with renowned international lecturers and scientists from the Georg-August-University and the German Primate Center, participants will discuss contemporary theories and develop an deeper understanding of current concepts and controversies. Under the guidance of the lecturers, small working groups will develop their own research projects, learn the methodological approaches and discuss ethical issues. The best project will be realized with funding provided by the Summer School.

The program consists of presentations by international guest speakers and the lecturers, discussion groups and method training courses. The participants are invited to present their own research projects in a poster session. A welcome reception, joint dinners, a city tour and an excursion complete the program.

Interested PhD students are invited to apply. Accepted participants will receive free accomodation; no tuition fee is requested, but travel to and from Göttingen must be covered by the participants.