Göttingen International

Entry exam to the Studienkolleg Hannover

Prior to starting at the Studienkolleg Hannover, an entry exam in German and Mathematics must be passed. You will find more detailed information on the website of the Studienkolleg Hannover as well as mock exams for Mathematics and German.

German exam:
In order to have improved chances of admission at the Studienkolleg, you should at least be able to prove you have the language level B1. As the entry exam is ranking test, there is no guarantee only passing it will be sufficient. The best candidates get admission.

Special requirements:
The test consists of several short texts or individual sentences where gaps have to be filled in with parts of words or complete words.

The following basic requirements of the German language are mandatory:

  • Everyday Vocabulary
  • All tenses in active and passive
  • Noun and adjective declination
  • Subclauses
  • Prepositions

You are not allowed to use a dictionary while sitting the exam.

Math exam:

  • Basic arithmetic operation with integral numbers and fractions
  • Calculations with powers and roots
  • Foundations of Algebra (Calculating with letters)
  • Linear and quadratic equations
  • Linear systems of equations
  • Foundations of geometry (eg. simple area and volume calculations, Pythagoras theorem, intercept theorems)
  • Linear Functions and their presenation in the coordinate system

The Mathematics test takes 45 Minutes. Pocket Calculators must not be used.