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Workshop: Thesis Supervision – Balancing student support and students’ autonomy

Title of the event Workshop: Thesis Supervision – Balancing student support and students’ autonomy
Organizer Abteilung Studium und Lehre - Hochschuldidaktik
Type of event Workshop
Category Forschung
Registration required Nein
Details What are common prerequisites for being a good supervisor? How can I provide an appropriate amount of supervision without feeling like ‘spoon feeding’ the students or leaving them all by themselves?
The workshop addresses these questions as well as other supervisory challenges and provides an opportunity to reflect on student supervision from the viewpoint of both the supervisor and of the supervised student. Participants will review supervising method Alternatives, the process of selecting appropriate supervision approaches and adapting to individual student requirements. The workshop will also explore evaluation of the supervision process and qualitative evaluation of student thesis work. This includes the concept of the supervisor-student contract, delineation of responsibilities, dealing with conflict, methodological supervising dialogue and the provision of relevant constructive feedback.The workshop will proceed step-by-step from the participant’s individual perception and preconceptions regarding the role of the supervisor and the student to the first meeting, the development of the supervisor-student relationship from the initial moment and throughout the thesis work progress to conclusion and eventual follow-up.
Date Start: 12.10.2017, 09:00 Uhr
Ende: 12.10.2017 , 17:00 Uhr
Location Waldweg 26, 37073 Göttingen, Trakt 1, 3rd floor, room 3119
Contact Matthias Wiemer
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