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What is an early modern expert? And why does it matter?

Title of the event What is an early modern expert? And why does it matter?
Organizer Graduiertenkolleg „Expertenkulturen des 12. bis 18. Jahrhunderts“
Speaker Prof. Dr. Eric H. Ash
Speaker institution Wayne State University, Detroit, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Type of event Vortrag
Category Forschung
Registration required Ja
Details The concept of expertise has proven to be an attractive analytical tool for many historians of pre-modern science and technology, though others are concerned that the use of such an anachronistic term threatens to distort our understanding of the past. This is especially true given the importance of “expertise” and similar ideas in the recent revival of a version of Cold-War-era modernization theory, which seeks to explain the advent of modern industrial civilization through entrepreneurial innovation and the intellectual elevation of “useful knowledge.” In his keynote address, Eric Ash will consider what “expertise” might mean in an early modern European context, and discuss some of the analytical advantages and anachronistic perils involved in using “expertise” to make sense of a time and place when the term did not exist. He will also suggest some ways to ensure that historians’ use of the concept does more good than harm in guiding our interpretation of the pre-modern past.
Date Start: 27.10.2017, 18:15 Uhr
Ende: 27.10.2017 , 19:45 Uhr
Location Tagungs- und Veranstaltungshaus Alte Mensa (Wilhelmsplatz 3)
Contact 0551 39-21230