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Teaching & Learning in China (B/E)

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  • Di,03.05.2016, 09:00 (s.t.) - 12:30

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Waldweg 26, Raum 3.117/3.119 (Trakt I, 3.OG)

We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are. Anais Nïn
Germany´s universities are becoming more and more international - with approx. 30,000 scholars, Chinese students and post-graduates make up the largest group of international students in Germany - a challenge towards teaching and working in an intercultural context.

What expectations and problems do Chinese students at German universities have? Which of them are cultural related? Why do some of the Chinese students miss the so called "lying down conferences" living in a German dormitory? The workshop provides insights into the teaching anc learning culture at Chinese universities, in-depth knowledge about relation-orientated cultures and context-based communication in order to support cross cultural communication.

Learning objectives:

  • 1. Teaching and learning culture in China: introduction into the daily life on campus in China; differences in regard to teaching and learning methods and reflection about the cultural aspects of education. perception of the role of lecturer and students/post-graduates
  • 2. Management of expectations and conflicts: how to cope with cultural based expectations and conflicts; new intercultural solutions cultural dimensions; various role models in the context of higher education and change of perspectives
  • 3. Cross-cultural competence and communication: cultural-sensitive and relation-oriented teaching and consulting; situational competence; direct and indirect communication; "spiral communication" and intercultural team work

Teaching methods:
Theoretical input will be illustrated by multimedia examples of best- practice-projects (example: China Trainee Program at German Higher Education Institutes), dialogue exercises, group work and discussion.

Key Qualifications
intercultural communication and competence with focus China

Vera Yu: German-Chinese, Diploma in Pedagogy, Social Sicence and Intercultural and Gender Studies, studied in Beijing/P.R. China and Berlin (Technical University). Since 1999, working in the fields of education and culture in Germany and China (f.a. Goethe-Institute in Hongkong). 2010-2015 head of "China Trainee Program at German Higher Education Institutes" of Robert Bosch Stiftung.