Pollen forecast

Current pollen forecast in Goettingen

Due to shortage of staff there is no forecast at the moment.


The pollen trap is placed on the edge of the "Old Botanical Garden of Göttingen".
Following the guidelines of the German Weather Service, airborne pollen is collected with the Burkhard pollen trap.
Inside the housing is a drum with a transparent adhesive film. A pump sucks through an opening the air, the components of which stick to the adhesive film. The individual sections of the adhesive film are evaluated with a 400-magnification ocular under the microscope. The eight main allergens pollen grains are counted and concentrations in the air (pollen/m3) are calculated.
These are:

  • Hazel (Hasel)
  • Alder (Erle)
  • Ash (Esche)
  • Birch (Birke)
  • Grasses (Gräser)
  • Rye (Roggen)
  • Ambrosia (Ambrosia)
  • Mugwort (Beifuß)

The classification of the pollen load quantity in the air is based on the values of the German Meteorological Service.

  • Keine = none
  • Geringe = low
  • Mittlere = medium
  • Hohe = high
  • Nicht gezählt = not available