Department of Palynology and Climate Dynamics

Pollen forecast

Current pollen forecast in Goettingen

Pollen data in pollen/m3


The pollen trap is placed on the edge of the "Old Botanical Garden of Göttingen" and is evaluated twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.
Following the guidelines of the German Weather Service, airborne pollen is collected with the Burkhard pollen trap.
Inside the housing is a drum with a transparent adhesive film. A pump sucks through an opening the air, the components of which stick to the adhesive film. The individual sections of the adhesive film are evaluated with a 400-magnification ocular under the microscope. The eight main allergens pollen grains are counted and concentrations in the air (pollen/m3) are calculated.
These are:

  • Hazel (Hasel)
  • Alder (Erle)
  • Ash (Esche)
  • Birch (Birke)
  • Grasses (Gräser)
  • Rye (Roggen)
  • Ambrosia (Ambrosia)
  • Mugwort (Beifuß)

The classification of the pollen load quantity in the air is based on the values of the German Meteorological Service.

  • Keine = none
  • Geringe = low
  • Mittlere = medium
  • Hohe = high
  • Nicht gezählt = not available