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More information about Health Insurance

Health insurance options for international students

Please be advised that your MUST have health insurance if you want to study in Germany!

In Germany, health insurance is seen as the most important insurance and is mandatory by federal law for all students and employees in Germany. There are two types of health insurances: statutory health insurance and private health insurance. For statutory health insurance the terms of contract, monthly contributions and the scope of benefits are regulated by federal law. For private health insurances the terms and conditions vary from provider to provider, while the scope of benefits and cover approximately correlates with the monthly contribution.

Please note: Some private insurance companies will only accept students within a week of their arrival in Germany.

From the arrival in Germany until your enrolment
For this time we advise that you sign up with a private health insurance (e.g. a travel insurance) since your student health insurance begins to be valid only at the beginning of the semester. Providers for these services are for example: the ADAC or the Würzburger Versicherungs AG as well as many other private health insurers.

Students under 30 years of age may sign up with a student health insurance with various German statuory health insurances. At the moment fees amount to approximately 70 Euros/month. During your first semester in Göttingen, note that the health insurance becomes valid only with the beginning of the semester (1 April or 1 October). Important: Sign on with your health insurance directly after you have received your admission letter, since you will need a certificate of having health insurance for your enrolment. You may obtain such a document by asking your insurance to issue one.

Students older than 30 years cannot sign up with a statuory health insurance. They have to sign up with a private insurance. Again, for enrolment you need proof of insurance from the private insurance, freeing you from the statuory insurance obligation.

Short-term visitors
Foreign visiting students who are visiting Germany for a short-term period and who are therefore not enrolled at the university, or foreign visiting scientists who are not employed in Germany still need to ensure that they are covered by a valid health insurance. For short-term visitors, a travel insurance is generally the best option.