Chair of Public Economics

Dr. Oliver Himmler

Research interests

Public Economics, Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Experimental Economics, Political Economics.


Head of Research Group on
Behavioral Economics of HIgher Education
University of Goettingen

Visiting Researcher, Max Planck Institute for
Research on Collective Goods, Bonn

Visiting Research Fellow, UC San Diego.

Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for
Research on Collective Goods, Bonn.

Researcher, University of Goettingen.

Journal Articles

'Literacy and the migrant-native wage gap'
Review of Income and Wealth, accepted (with Robert Jaeckle).
WP link.

'Mass Media, Instrumental Information, and Electoral Accountability'
Journal of Public Economics, 134, 75-84, 2016 (with Christian Bruns).

'Fairness Spillovers - The Case of Taxation'
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 90(C), 2013 (with Thomas Cornelissen and Tobias Koenig).

'Double standards in educational standards - Do Schools with a Disadvantaged Student Body Grade More Leniently?'
German Economic Review, 14(2), 2013 (with Robert Schwager).

'Perceived Unfairness in CEO Compensation and Work Morale'
Economics Letters, 110(1), 2011 (with Thomas Cornelissen and Tobias Koenig).

'Newspaper circulation and local government efficiency'
Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 113(2), 2011 (with Christian Bruns).

'Media activity and public spending'
Economics of Governance, 11(4), 2010 (with Christian Bruns).

'Health and wages - panel data estimates considering selection and endogeneity'
Journal of Human Resources, 45(2), 2010 (with Robert Jaeckle).

Working papers (unpublished)

'Normatively Framed Relative Performance Feedback – Field Experiment and Replication' (with Raphael Brade and Robert Jaeckle)

'Soft Commitments, Reminders and Student Outcomes -- A Field Experiment in Higher Education' (with Robert Jaeckle and Philipp Weinschenk), MPRA Working Paper 76832. (revise & resubmit at American Economic Journal: Applied Economics)

'A Theory of Political Accountability and Journalism' (with Christian Bruns), mimeo (this is an extended, previous version of 'Mass Media, Instrumental Information, and Electoral Accountability').

'Tax evasion spillovers -- a field experiment' (with Sebastian Goerg and Tobias Koenig), mimeo.

'Self-Evaluations and Performance - Evidence from Adolescence' (with Tobias Koenig), Hannover Discussion Paper 507.

'The Effects of School Choice on Academic Achievement and Grading Standards', CESifo Working Paper No 2676.

Work in progress

'Broken windows in the lab -- Spillovers in norm-breaking behavior' (with Sebastian Goerg and Tobias Koenig)

'The effect of firearms prevalence on crime and suicides' (with Christian Traxler)