A House of Studies Guarded by Lions

A place to stay in Göttingen for students from Bremen

Anyone wanting to study in Göttingen but still without a place to stay should note the following address: Nikolausberger Weg 21a. Then here the Evangelical Church in Bremen owns a splendid house for accommodating 14 students from the Hanseatic city - and has done so for almost 60 years. When the house was opened in 1938/39 it was intended only for male students – those days are long gone!

Bremer Studienhaus

Pastor Olaf Droste, who stayed at the house for a period of 2 years in the seventies, recalls: “At some point the students of 1968 staged a small revolution and at the beginning of the seventies the first female students were able to move in. In those days there were still discussions about the showers”.

Today, men and women live together as a residential community, organising social evenings and communal meals. “We often have young people staying here whose parents, siblings or relations have lived here. These memories keep the spirit of the house alive”, writes Robin Pal, the current house spokesperson. The house of studies communicates aspects of the “the hands-on church” – but, as he assures us, it is not necessary to be a church member. A policy of tolerance and mutual understanding, a good “household spirit” ensures smooth running. Community is important, barbeques and house concerts, traditional German “kale and sausage” outings (Kohl-und-Pinkel-Fahrten”) and, as highlight, house parties bear witness to Bremen sociability.

Bremer Studienhaus Bild 2

Good news: The church conference has now decided that the house will not be affected by the church’s need to save money. However, the students will still have to cutback since all institutions are facing a 30% cut. Droste suggests that former residents, for example, could act as sponsors. “Other houses have done this”. Sponsors are also being sought for two proud statues of lions with the Bremen coat-of-arms that guard the entrance to the house. They came originally from the former Bremen Exchange in the marketplace. In 1973 some students from the neighbouring student fraternity “Gottinga” abducted the two lions as a joke. The lions were soon returned but in 1979 they were “lionnapped” once more and then returned. No-one knows who the perpetrators were but the two guarding lions are now in a poor condition. The lions are constructed of poured cement on a metal framework. A resident reports that the paint has suffered due to frost and a front leg has already broken off one of the lions.

(Horst Frey)
For further information, please contact:

Bremen House of Study
Nikolausberger Weg 21a
37073 Göttingen
Tel.: 0551 58861 or 44569
Housekeeper: Mrs. Weber
Ephorus: Prof. Dr. Florian Wilk
House spokesperson: N.N.