Institut für Röntgenphysik

Dr. Laura Aradilla Zapata

née Laura Schaedel


Microtubules acquire resistance from mechanical breakage through intralumenal acetylation.
Xu, Z., Schaedel, L., Portran, D., Aguilar, A., Gaillard, J., Marinkovich, M.P., Théry, M. & Nachury, M.V. (2017). Science, 356 (6335), 328-322.

Tubulin acetylation protects long-lived microtubules against mechanical ageing.
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Self-repair promotes microtubule rescue.
Aumeier, C.*, Schaedel, L.*, Gaillard, J., John, K., Blanchoin, L. & Théry, M. (2016). Nature Cell Biology, 18 (10), 1054-1064.
* Co-first authors contributed equally to this work.

A novel chip for cyclic stretch and intermittent hypoxia cell exposure mimicking obstructive sleep apnea.
Campillo, N., Jorba, I., Schaedel, L., Casals, B., Gozal, D., Farré, R., Almendros, I. & Navajas, D. (2016). Frontiers in Physiology, 7 (319), 1-12.

Microtubules self-repair in response to mechanical stress.
Schaedel, L., John, K., Gaillard, J., Nachury, M.V., Blanchoin, L. & Théry, M. (2015). Nature Materials, 14 (11), 1156-1163.