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New Project with the Port of Hamburg - 20.01.2019


On January 1, the SMRG will start the “Flexibilitätsmanagement und Regelenergiebereitstellung von Schwerlastfahrzeugen im Hafen (FRESH)”- project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The project is a joint project together with HHLA Container-Terminal Altenwerder GmbH, Next Kraftwerke GmbH and OFFIS e.V. The main objective of the project for the research group is an investigating of the economic efficiency for battery capacity bundling in a closed transportation system. You can find more information about the project here.

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Articles accepted for presentation at the InternationaleTagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI) 2019 - 26.2.2019


We are happy to announce that the following articles were presented at the WI 2019 in Siegen (23.2.-27.2.2019):

Computing Incentives for User-Based Relocation in Carsharing by Bernd Herrenkind, Alfred Benedikt Brendel, Sascha Lichtenberg, Lutz M. Kolbe

On Conversational Agents in Information Systems Research: Analyzing the Past to Guide Future Work by Stephan Diederich, Alfred Benedikt Brendel, Lutz M. Kolbe

Towards a Taxonomy of Platforms for Conversational Agent Design by Stephan Diederich, Alfred Benedikt Brendel, Lutz M. Kolbe

AMCIS Mini Track: IS Design for Sustainable Transportation Services - 5.01.2019


For the American Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) 2019 our Head of SMRG Dr. Benedikt Brendel as well as three associated members of the SMRG Dr. Ilja Nastjuk, Dr. Mauricio Marrone and Prof. Dr. Simon Trang are hosting a Mini-Track about IS Design for Sustainable Transportation Services. The Mini-Track is part of the main track Green IS and Sustainability. The conference will take place in August 2019 in Cancún, México. You are cordially invited to submit your research to the Mini-Track.

Articles accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2018 - 15.12.2018

We are happy to announce that the following articles were accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Information Systems 2018 in San Francisco, USA (13.12.-16.12.2018):

  • Leonhardt, D.; Hanelt, A.; Huang, P.; Mithas, S.: Does One Size Fit All? Theorizing Governance Configurations for Digital Innovation (Best Paper Nominee)
  • Leonhardt, D.; Hanelt, A.: Outsiders No More? An Empirical Investigation of the Effect of Digital Institutional Pressure on Corporate IT
  • Brendel, A.B.; Brennecke, J.T.; Nastjuk, I.: Applying Econophysics in the Context of Carsharing - Development of a Vehicle Relocation Algorithm and Decision Support System
  • Chatterjee, S.; Brendel, A.B.; Lichtenberg, S.: Smart Infrastructure Monitoring – Development of a Decision Support System for Vision-Based Road Crack Detection

Presentations of Bachelor Seminar Projects – 23.10.2018

This week, twenty participants of the bachelor seminar have successfully presented their projects on current topics in information management. This semester’s projects focused on chatbots, office robots and smart connected mobility services and were carried out in collaboration with Roland Berger, MHP, and Bosch. For their projects, the students used innovative technologies like the robot Pepper by Softbank as well as DialogFlow by Google. Their projects contributed to design science research, therefore the students were able to apply and experience the research paradigm themselves.

If you are interested in doing a project like this yourself, we are offering the bachelor Seminar each semester. The registration deadline for the seminar in WiSe 18/19 is on 15th of December. You can find more information here.

Media Response about SMRG Mobility-App Project – 11.10.2018


The SMRG receives funding to develop a mobility-app for easy access to transportation options for new immigrants in the Northeim area. We are proud that the local paper Göttinger Tageblatt, as well as the Focus online report on the topic. We are looking forward to this sustainable project.

Presentation of Seminar Projects at the FinTech Group AG – 30.09.2018


Participants of the Master seminar "Machine Learning Solutions for Business Practice" have presented their works and interesting insights into financial data analytics at the headquarters of the FinTech Group AG. We are looking forward to further cooperations with the FinTech Group AG for developing interesting and relevant machine learning applications for the financial industry.

Innovative course offering on „Design Science and Design Thinking“ starting this winter term – 15.09.2018

Design Thinking Process

As Design Science and Design Thinking become more renowned in academic and professional contexts, this course offers Bachelor students unique insights into these domains. Drawing on the scientific background, Design Science is introduced as a relevant research domain in the IS community regarding innovative research questions. Alongside, students gain a deep understanding of Design Thinking following the industry-wide established HPI School of Design Thinking process. Join our first course iteration and find all details here.

Aligning with new research opportunities within the context of future mobility – The “new” Smart Mobility Research Group – 01.06.2018

new SMRG small

Due to the growing pervasiveness of digital innovation in sustainable and intelligent solutions in the mobility context, we increasingly encounter and anticipate digital technologies (e.g. Machine Learning, Mobile Applications and Digital Platforms) within our research and practice projects. In order to find stronger resemblance of our research activities, we decided to rename our research group to “Smart Mobility Research Group”. We will increasingly incorporate and evaluate the impacts of digital technologies in our research contexts, while maintaining a green vision and striving towards sustainable and smart mobility solutions.