Musicology students group

The student council articulates the student's affairs in the department as well as in the collegiate self-administration. It is elected for two terms by a plenary meeting.

We offer all students and beginners help regarding all study-related issues. We organize and support collegiate projects in the department, such as the Orientierungsphase or the Klangbilder concert series and of course workshops, field trips and partys.

If there are any issues you want to talk with us about, you may also reach us via our mailing adress:


  • Linnea Keizer
  • Elena Khan
  • Jens Kleinert
  • Max Oelkers
  • Julia Pawlak (stellv. Fachgruppensprecherin)
  • Bastian Pohl
  • Marie Sandor
  • Sophia Schultze
  • Suzan Yazici (Fachgruppensprecherin)

Die Fachgruppe Musikwissenschaft lädt alle, die Lust haben ein, an der regelmäßigen Jamsession teilzunehmen!

Jeweils am ersten Donnerstag des Monats im Semester um 20 Uhr im 002.

1. Treffen zur Jamsession der Fachgruppe: