apl. Prof. Dr. Lasafam Iturrizaga


Interim Professor

Research Interests

  • Hochgebirgsgeographie
  • Quartärforschung
  • Glazial- und Periglazialmorphologie
  • Naturgefahren im Hochgebirge
  • Mensch-Naturraum-Beziehungen

  • Regional Focus

  • Hochasien (Hindukusch, Karakorum, Himalaya, Tibet)
  • Anden (Zentrale und Tropische Anden)
  • Island
  • Alpen
  • Harz

  • Research Projects

  • Artificial glaciers in the Hindukush / Karakoram (ongoing)

  • Historical and recent glacier fluctuation in the Man-Environment-Context in the Karakoram Mountains (ongoing)

  • 2012- 2013
    Glacial geomorphology of the subtropical and tropical AndesAlexander von Humboldt Foundation (Feodor Lynen Return Fellowship)

  • 2012- 2013
    Quaternary geomorphology in the Cachapoal valley and glacial chronology with 10Be and 3He (34°S, Southern Andes, Chile) Cooperation Prof. Dr. Reynaldo Charrier, Universidad Nacional de Andres Bello, Chile

  • 2010- 2012
    Recent and paraglacial landscape transformation in the subtropical and tropical Andes Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, cooperation Prof. Dr. Reynaldo Charrier, Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile /Universidad, Nacional de Andres Bello

  • 2007- 2009
    20th century glacier fluctuations in the Hindukush and Karakoram Mountains (Pakistan)

  • 2005- 2006
    Formation of hummocky moraine landscapes in the Chapursan valley in regard to historical settlement devastations (Karakoram, Pakistan)

  • 2006
    Glacier lake outbursts in the Himalayas and Karakoram with respect to climate change and their hazard potential (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) in cooperation with Hokkaido University Sapporo (Japan), Prof. Teiji Watanabe

  • 2006- 2007 Paraglacial landscape transformation in the Central Andes (Aconcagua-Massif)
    Partial financing German Research Foundation IT 14/18-1 (Oct 2006)

  • 2003- 2005
    Glacial lake outbursts in the Karakoram and Hindukush Mountains: Karambar- /Chapursan valley (arakoram): Geomorphological Investigations to the dilluvial sediment landscape
    German Research Foundation DFG IT 14/11-1, 14/11-2

  • 2003- 2004
    Post-sedimentary transformation of lateral moraines: The tributary tongue basins of the Kvíárjökull (Iceland)
    in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Russell (Keele University, Great Britain)
    German Research Foundation DFG IT 14/11-1, 14/11-2

  • 1999- 2005
    The lateroglacial valleys in the Karakoram Mountains: Distribution, genesis and morphodynamic of the lateroglacial sediment landscape
    German Research Foundation DFG IT 14/2-1; IT 14/2-2 (1999-2001)

  • 1997
    Late and postglacial debris accumulations as settlement locations in the Karakoram Mountains
    DAAD Grant (Pakistan) 1997

  • 1993- 1998
    The transglacial debris development in subtropical high mountain regions (Hindukusch, Karakorum and Himalayas)
    DAAD Grant (Nepal) 1994/1995

  • 1992- 1994
    Natural Hazards for temporary and permanent settlements in the Karakoram Mountains