Certificate Programme: 'Diversity Skills'


The aim of this certificate programme is to equip students with fundamental theory basics, practical and social diversity skills for everyday, in society and various career environments. Through practical exercises and group work, students are encouraged to consider and recognize the diversity of human biographies, lifestyles, behaviours, identities and capacities. Basic knowledge of the legal and political conditions for protection against discrimination and for the equality of individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds is acquired; in addition, students learn what diversity skills mean for the workplace (education institutes, social institutes, business companies). Students are made aware of their own behaviours, values and attitudes and are encouraged to examine these critically, while growing into individuals who are open to diversity and critical of discrimination. Through service learning modules, students have the chance to realise their own project ideas in conjunction with other students, institutions and companies and present and reflect upon their work in the final lesson.

  • Start: Students may start at the beginning of each semester upon conclusion of the module 'SK.AS.DK-03: Diversity: Perspectives and potentials of society models for daily life, within communites and at the workplace'. Information regarding the registration process can be found on the column on the right side of this page/below.