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Hermes Equity Ownership Services, London, UK

  • Institutional investors are taking a more active role in publicly-traded companies and are attempting to persuade the board to adopt sustainable management policies. In cooperation with Hermes Equity Ownership Services (Hermes EOS), we investigate which factors influence the engagement success. The research focuses on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) engagements in an international context. The primary research question is, which type and pattern of interaction with the targeted companies lead to successful engagements (e.g. optimization of the supervisory board composition, improvement of the compensation of the board of directors), taking country-specific and institutional environment into account.

    Hermes Equity Ownership Services, London, UK

    Prof. Dr. Michael Wolff, Chair of Management and Control

    Additional partners:
    Prof. Dr. Jana Oehmichen, Chair of Organization and Management Studies, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

    Funding period:

Siemens AG, Munich

  • The effect of share-based remuneration, the example of "Equity Culture", a programme of Siemens AG
    The ways in which stock-based compensation work for executives as well as regular employees are analyzed as an example for globally used stock programmes at Siemens AG. Both the effect on the individual as well as the organizational performance and possible moderating effects of the institutional frameworks will be analyzed.

    Sponsor: Siemens AG, Munich

    Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Michael Wolff, Chair of Management and Control

    Funding period: 2015-2018