Completed BA/MA/Dipl. thesis

The Middle Class in Economic Development: A Case Study of Brazil's "New Middle Class"

The Determinants of Redistributive Transfers - A Cross Country Analysis

South-South Migration: Wage Discrimination Against Immigrants. The Case of Chile.

Climate Protection and Development in Latin America

Alternatives to Traditional Welfare Theories: Comparing the Buen-Vivir Concept and the Capability Approach

Regime Types and Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries

SME Policy and Productivity in Brazil

Distributional Effects of Energy Policy Reform: The Case of Fuel Taxation in Indonesia

The contribution of REDD+ mechanisms to avoid climate change and to reduce biodiversity loss

What Economic Impacts do Large-scale Land Investments have? A Case Study on Cambodia

The Effect of School Resources on Primary Student Performance Evidence from Andhra Pradesh, India

Decent Work and the Millennium Development Goals - An assessment of employment-related indicators and a proposal for a post-2015 development agenda

The Impact of Minimum Wages in Indonesia: A Panel Data Analysis