Documents for enrolment ("Programmes with restricted and unrestricted admission")

You can personally enrol at the International Student Services (Von-Siebold-Str. 2) if you have been admitted for a programme of study as an applicant from a non-EU state or as a stateless person. Please note the enrolment deadlines! You must bring the following documents with you:

  • Original insurance certificate from a health insurance company (AOK, BVV, DAK, etc.) for students. Please be sure that you are properly informed of the acceptance requirements for your health insurance company. If you are privately insured, ask your health insurance company for an „Exempt from statutory insurance“ certificate.
  • Verification of successfully passed German language test (DSH-2 Test) or an exemption from this test even if it was taken at another institute of higher education.
    Please note: In order to enrol for a programme of study at the University of Göttingen, only DSH tests which have been accredited by the HRK (German Rector’s Conference) will be recognized!
  • Proof of payment of semester fees at the Nord LB. Important: Your registration number must be stated. Enrolment is not possible without the registration number. Please note that bank transfers require up to ten days for processing.
  • Proof of exmatriculation (only for students who were already enrolled at another institute of higher education).

You can also enrol by mail. Please send us the above mentioned documents. You will receive a confirmation (temporary student ID card, enrolment certificate, etc.) automatically by mail.

Visa and residence permit

Please insure that you are informed about the regulations for entry and residency by contacting the German representation in your home country (embassy/consulate) well in advance of your travels to Germany. Due to the current emigration laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, you need an entry visa stating that it is for studying purposes. A tourist visa is not sufficient.