International Management

Doing Business in Asia

Lecture: Doing Business in Asia

Students are brought closer to the business activities, as well as their influence, of the latest developments within the legal framework for market entry in the countries of South and East Asia.

Furthermore, strategic and operational management measures for the Asian region are taught and supported with practical examples. Predominantly, the focus is going to be on China (winter semester 2016/2017).

Beside the acquisition of theoretical knowledge of the management of Asian companies, the students should be prepared for a future career in companies that have business relations with Asia.

Course Objectives

The course aims to:
  • Provide an overview of China's business environment by contemplating its political, economic, technological and environmental environment
  • Analyse the role of the state in shaping organisational practices and competition strategy
  • Explore the development of Chinese businesses as a result of the growing strength of the private sector, the entry of MNCs in China, and the global competition that the Chinese industries are increasingly facing
  • Outline major sources of competition, changes and types of business strategies, using a selection of Chinese industries and firms as examples
  • Analyse opportunities and key challenges for Chinese firms in internationalising their business
  • Raise students' awareness of the likely impact of elements of business strategy on China's environment and sustainability of long term development economically, socially as well as ecologically
  • Highlight the importance of and challenges to effective management of human resources in the domestic as well as global context

    Schedule Information

    Class hours: Monday 14:15-15:45 (1 session of 90 minutes) & Wednesday 10:15-13:45 (2 sessions of 90 minutes)
    Class room: KWZ - 2.601 / Oeconomicum - 0.168

    Please note: The first class will take place 08 January 2018 14:15 in room KWZ 2.601.

    You don't have to register for the lecture beforehand, just come to the first session. If you have further questions, please contact: sonja.franzke[at]

    General Information

    Course Type: lecture, master level, 4.5 hours per week

    Examination: final exam (90 min), 07.02.2018 ZHG 101, 6 C

    Examination Requirements: Proof of knowledge of the various characteristics, methods and problems in Asian Business

    Workload: Attendance: 28 hours, Self-study: 152 hours

    Entrance requirements: none

    Recommended Prerequisites: none

    Language: English

    Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Hongxin Zhao

    Term: every winter semester

    Duration: 1 Semester

    Max. number of students: No limitations

    Recommended Semester: 1-3