CV and Complete List of Publications

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      • Experiential Marketing
      • Food Marketing
      • Motivation and Self-Regulation



      Dr. rer. pol.
      Chemnitz University of Technology

      Chemnitz University of Technology

      since 07/2013
      Assistant professor
      Chair of Marketing and Consumer Behavior
      University of Goettingen

      Research associate
      Chair of Marketing and Retailing
      Chemnitz University of Technology

      Research assistant
      Chair of Marketing and Retailing
      Chemnitz University of Technology


      • Best Conceptual Paper Award, Academy of Management (Entrepreneurship Division), 2016
      • Best in Conference Paper Award, American Marketing Association, 2013
      • José Vecíana Best Paper Award, European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 2010



      • Jahn, Steffen (2013). Konsumentenwert: Konzeptualisierung und Analyse der Wirkungen auf Zufriedenheit und Loyalität am Beispiel eines Festivals. Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler


      • Jahn, Steffen, George Tsalis, and Liisa Lähteenmäki (2019). How Attitude Towards Food Fortification Can Lead to Purchase Intention, Appetite, 133, 370-377.
      • Beeck, Ines, Steffen Jahn, and Waldemar Toporowski (2018). For Myself or Others? How App Service Design Impacts Physical Retail Experience, Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems, 39, 1-9.
      • Jahn, Steffen, T. Bettina Cornwell, Jan Drengner, and Hansjörg Gaus (2018). Temporary Communitas and Willingness to Return to Events, Journal of Business Research, 92, 329-338.
      • Jahn, Steffen, Tim Nierobisch, Waldemar Toporowski, and Till Dannewald (2018). Selling the Extraordinary in Experiential Retail Stores, Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 3 (3), 412-424.
      • Jahn, Steffen, Jutta Schuch, Till Dannewald, and Yasemin Boztuğ (2018). How Category Average Reference Points Affect Choice of Sugary Foods, Appetite, 126, 201-209.
      • Cornwell, T. Bettina, Steffen Jahn, Jeffrey Xie, and Wang Suk Suh (2018). Feeling that Ingroup Feeling at a Sponsored Sporting Event: Links to Memory and Future Attendance, Journal of Sport Management,32 (5), 426-437.
      • Drengner, Jan, Steffen Jahn, and Pia Furchheim (2018). Flow Revisited: Process Conceptualization and a Novel Application to Service Contexts, Journal of Service Management, 29 (4), 703-734.
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        Conference Proceedings

        • Jahn, Steffen, Monique Breaz, Till Dannewald, and Yasemin Boztug (2018). Meaningful Numbers: Consumer Response to Verbal Reaffirmation of Numerical Nutrition Information, Advances in Consumer Research, 46, forthcoming.
        • Jahn, Steffen, Till Dannewald, and Yasemin Boztug (2017). How Health Claims Lead to Indulgence, Advances in Consumer Research, 45, 683-684.
        • Jahn, Steffen and Mario Geissler (2016). The Motivational Readiness Model of Entrepreneurship. Academy of Management Proceedings, Anaheim, USA.
        • Elshiewy, Ossama, Steffen Jahn, Tim Doering, and Yasemin Boztug (2016): 'Low Fat' But High in Sugar: Consumer Response to Misleading Nutrition Claims, Advances in Consumer Research, 44, 207-212.
        • Elshiewy, Ossama, Steffen Jahn, and Yasemin Boztug (2015): How the Disclosure of Nutrition Information with Different "Per-Serving Basis" Affects Sales Volume, Advances in Consumer Research, 43, 516-517.
        • Schuch, Jutta, Steffen Jahn, and Yasemin Boztug (2015): Abstract Goal and External Reference-Point Interaction in Food Decision Making, Advances in Consumer Research, 43, 572-573.
        • Jahn, Steffen, Jan Drengner, Hansjoerg Gaus, and T. Bettina Cornwell (2012): Connected Consumers: The Influence of Temporal Sense of Community, Socio-Emotional Experience, and Satisfaction on Event Loyalty, Advances in Consumer Research, 39, 556-558.