eLearning offer

eLearning provides support in self learning processes by means of electronic educational technology and communication technology and increases the opportunities for self-determined learning without the constraints of time and place. For the forestry students there exist on the OpenILIAS platform in the Stud.IP numerous multimedia-based learning modules being attached to various courses i.e. Applied informatics or Biometric data analysis. These modules consist of explanatory videos, texts and exercises. They represent a supplementary learning offer with regard to the face-to-face classroom-based trainings expanding the chances for self-defined, flexible learning. Furthermore they may contribute to a deeper understanding and a higher learning success. They can also provide assistance for advanced or postgraduate students which have questions concerning GIS or statistics but have no time to enroll for a complete course.

Your contact partner for helpful suggestions or questions is Dr. Wilfried Hakes, Department Ecoinformatics, Biometrics and Forest Growth