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General Information

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  • I want to improve my academic writing. Which one is more adequate for me: a workshop or the writing advisory sessions?

  • You can use both offers - also simultaneously. The workshops are offered for you to have an overview on academic writing, specific text types or if you want to learn about the progression in the writing process. Please pay attention to the title and description of the Workshops, since they have different focuses.

    The writing advisory sessions are offered for those who are working / will soon be working on a concrete writing project.

  • Can I get information on citation conventions and other formalities for my papers at the writing center?
  • In the writing advisory session, we can talk about general requirements of academic texts, such as argumentation based on source. Since we are an interdisciplinary institution, and are not aware of the requirements from all teachers/professors in the universities in detail, we suggest that you consult them on formal elements, style sheets, and conventions from your Faculty.

  • Can I also get information on methodology in the writing center, such as data collection and analysis in empirical projects?
  • The writing center is there for all questions on writing, also for questions concerning the textualization of results obtained empirically. However, we cannot offer you methodological assistance. For that, we suggest you contact your Professor; if you study at the School of Social Sciences, do not hesitate to contact the Methodenzentrum Sozialwissenschaften.

  • As a PhD student, can I also use the services of the writing center?
  • Since the writing center is financed by tuition fees, it aims at assisting students. As a PhD Student at the GSGG or GGG you can join the Writing Workshops from the Graduiertenschulen.
    International PhD students can, in addition to that, get individual writing assistance from the international writing center by means of the GSGG.
    All PhD students are welcome to contact us via E-Mail. More...


  • How can I register for a Workshop?
  • You can register for a workshop via StudIP searching for its title. If you decide not to attend it though, don´t forget to TIMELY cancel your registration.

    In case the registration over StudIP doesn´t work, write us an e-mail.

  • Are there credit points for the Workshops? How are they calculated?
  • For almost all Workshops you get credit points in key competencies. These workshops are in the Modules Catalogue for Key Competencies. For accreditation possibilities contact the responsible testing authority (Prüfungsamt).

    For your ECTS-Points to be registered in FlexNow, you have to enroll for the workshop you want the credit points in FlexNow.

  • I cannot register in FlexNow for a Workshop that I attended. Who can help me?
  • If you have difficulties registering in FlexNow please contact the Prüfungsamt from the Philosophischen Fakultät.

  • Where exactly can I hand in my Portfolio?

  • Your instructor sets a deadline for you to hand in the Portfolio. Please hand it in at the International Writing Center (Internationales Schreibzentrum), Heinrich-Düker-Weg 12, 37073 Göttingen: either at the mailbox at the building´s main entrance or in the box on the windowsill (at the corridor of the waiting area in the writing center). Another option is to hand your portfolio in to your instructor (or another Writing Center employee) during the open consultation hours (Offene Sprechstunden). In case you want to send it via mail, please use the following address: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Seminar für Deutsche Philologie, Abteilung Interkulturelle Germanistik, Internationales Schreibzentrum, Frau/Herr (Instructor´s last name), Name of Workshop, Heinrich-Düker-Weg 12, 37073 Göttingen.
    If previously arranged with the instructor, it is possible to exceptionally hand in the portfolios per E-Mail.

  • Does the writing center offer any course on academic writing in English?
  • The international writing center is focused on academic writing in German. For those disciplines that require writing in English (Natural and Social Sciences) we offer courses comparing the writing traditions in German and in English. However, it is NOT a language course, but writing workshops that handle with similarities and differences between both writing traditions. The Zentralen Einrichtung für Sprachen und Schlüsselqualifiktionen (ZESS) offers courses on academic writing in English.

  • I have just started my studies. Which course of the writing center is adequate for me?
  • Specially for freshmen there are several courses: "From Reading to Writing Academic Texts (for Bachelor and Master Students)", "Preparing and Giving Academic Presentations (for Bachelor and Master Students)", "Taking Notes, MInutes, and writing Reports", "The Language of Academic Writing", "Preparing for and Writing Exams". In addition to that, there are courses for specific disciplines (such as Academic Writing for the Natural Sciences, for Law Students, for Students in the Humanities and in the Social Sciences). For further information please refer to Course Catalogue.

  • Are the courses offered every semester?
  • In principle all workshops are offered every semester. Minor changes in the program are also possible from one semester to the next.

  • Are there special courses for non-native and for native-speakers of German?
  • No, we offer no special courses for non-native speakers of German. The concept of the international writing center is based on the premise that native speakers and non-native speakers learn from and with each other during our courses. Everyone with German knowledge B2 or more is very welcome!

  • I am not a student at the Uni Göttingen. Can I attend the Workshops anyway
  • The international writing center is designed for students at the Göttingen University, since it is financed by tuition fees. In case you want to register for a workshop as an external student there is a fee of 70 Euro (per SWS). Just write us an e-mail if that is your case.

    Writing advisory services

  • What is exactly the writing advisory session?
  • The aim of a Writing Advisory Session is to help you in your writing process during a one-to-one conversation about your academic text. You will still be the responsible for your text. Further information on the advisory sessions can be found here.

  • Can I get my paper corrected at the writing center
  • Reading and correcting complete papers is NOT part of the writing center services. In the advisory sessions you can get constructive feedback on text samples, which will help develop your writing skills and improve your text. If that is the case, we can also work on the linguistic level. The suggestions you get to your samples shall be done on your own. Further information on the advisory sessions can be found here.

  • How can I register for the writing advisory session?
  • The best option is to write us an an e-mail to

    Give a brief description of your needs and your discipline, as well as the text type you are working on (e.g. Hausarbeit, Essay, Report, Master thesis?). An advisor will write back to you and suggest an appointment.

    You can also drop by during the office hours if you have questions or want to know more about the services offered by the writing center. After that we can arrange an individual appointment. For that there is no need to register.

  • How long does it take for me to get an advisory session?
  • The waiting time varies significantly, depending on the amount of requests we have at the moment. We obviously try to provide you with an appointment as soon as possible! But count on a waiting time for at least one week.

  • Do the open-office hours take place also during the semester breaks? Can I also have advisory sessions during the semester breaks?
  • We try to offer open-office hours also during semester breaks. If it is canceled you will be informed in our Homepage. Individual advisory sessions can also take place in the semester break. However, take into account that the waiting time can be longer than normally.

  • Do I have to pay anything for the writing advisory session?
  • No, the sessions are free for the University of Göttigen Students.

  • How long does a session take?
  • A writing advisory session usually takes an average of 45 minute, and one hour maximum.

  • How often can I come to the advisory sessions?
  • In principle you can have as many appointments as you wish, but only one appointment per week. In addition to that, bear in mind that we are not allowed to read complete papers, just text samples.

  • How many pages can I discuss in the writing advisory session?
  • Depending on the capacity and the status of your text, we can discuss from 3 to 7 pages during a session.

  • Is it worth going to the advisory sessions if I haven´t written anything yet?
  • Actually, it is one of our recommendations that you come to as at the very beginning of the writing process, also if you haven?t written any text. In many cases it is worth to attend an advisory session and discuss about how to find and delimit a theme or to discuss your research question.

  • Can I get advice on texts in English or for multilingual texts?
  • Since the Winter Semester 2012/2013 we offer peer-tutoring for texts in English. Also in this case, we cannot offer text correction services, but advisory according to the above mentioned principle. If you need an advisory session in English, write us an E-Mail to

  • I am not a Student at the Uni Göttingen, but my university has no such a service like yours. Can I use the advisory writing services anyway?
  • If our advisory capacity allows, you can attend the advisory sessions as external student if you pay the amount of 25 Euro per session of ca. 45 min.