Equal Opportunities Office

Flexible Teleworking: A possible way to help employees combine family and work

Tele working has been in use as a form of work organization for quite some time as it is especially suited for better coordinating family and professional life.

During the years 2004 to 2008, the University`s Equal Opportunities Office has conducted the pilot project Pilot Project Flexible Tele Working? . The presidium decided on its indefinite continuation on June 6th, 2008.

The brochure "Professional Tele Work. An Equal Opportunities Measure of the University of Goettingen" which can also be attained from the Equal Opportunities Office as a print version.

The Equal Opportunities Office can also assist you when deciding if tele working is sensible and available for your position, and can also provide further information on the process of requesting a tele workspace. You can find these in the Portal for University Employees.

The legal framework for teleworking at the University of Goettingen (not including the University Medical School) are:

  • The agreement between the trade unions and the government of Lower Saxony pursuant to § 81 Staff Representation in Public Service Act of Lower Saxony, following the Cabinet decision on teleworking of 14 December 2004,
  • the resolution by the Presidential Board of 16 June 2008 to continue the "Teleworking" option in the framework of a project with unlimited term, and
  • the framework service agreement? between the Presidential Board of the University (not including the University Medical School) and the Staff Council on "working time"; this is currently in preparation.

This "working time" framework service contract at the University of Goettingen forms the basis for concluding the Supplementary Agreement (Nebenabrede) to the Contract of Employment.