Seminar für Englische Philologie

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you'll find useful information concerning your studies. All those questions that our staff is repeatedly confronted with will be gradually added to this page.

  • General Questions

  • How do I find out whether I should study Medieval English Language and Literature (Medieval Studies)?

    Do I have to register for exams and papers in Medieval Studies?

    If I cannot register for a course via StudIP can I still participate?

    How do I cite correctly in a paper? How do I know what format to use?

    I need special characters for my paper / my presentation. Where can I find those?

    Are tutorials offered for the Medieval Studies courses every semester?

    Will I have to take one or two exams per module?

  • Non-BA students: Old Lehramt and Magister

  • I will be taking my final exams (Magister, Staatsexamen) in the near future. Is there anything special to consider concerning Medieval Studies?