1868 – 1921
Already in the forest academy Münden macro economics and financial sciences are being taught by the private lecturer Dr. Julius Lehr, forest administration by August Knorr and forest value calculation and forest statistics by Professor Dr. Gustav Heyer. Later the academy directors Borggreve, Schilling and Fricke lecture the already traditional disciplines.

The foundation of the institute however did not take place until the time of the forest academy of Münden (1921-1939).

At the instigation of Professor Dr. Heinrich Eberts, the chair of forest politics and forest business economics is established.

After the departing of Eberts and the call of Professor Dr. Karl Abetz, Landesforstmeister of Braunschweig, the institute is permanently established. Only after a few weeks in office Abetz is superseded by Professor Dr. Dr. Josef Köstler (picture). Having only very limited financial resources at the time and thus only conducting teaching and no research, the department enjoys generous sponsorship by the Reichsforstamt since 1934. As a result two assistants, a draftsperson, a secretary and an additional help could be employed. In 1937 the curriculum schedules timber markets. Main research at this time is the economic situation of different ownership types and sizes, rationalization and intensification of forest enterprises, effects of timber prices on small forest owners, work organization of the state forest administrations, interstate forest traffic, market structure and market organization.

The forest academy Münden becomes the forest faculty of the University of Göttingen.