International Management

International Organizational Behavior Seminar

Seminar: International Organizational Behavior

This seminar aims at preparing students to understand the different research traditions under which studies of international organizational behavior (IOB) can be conducted. Students will read and discuss examples of theory-testing quantitative papers, theory-building qualitative papers, ethnographic studies, and mixed-methods approaches.

In the seminar, students will independently and systematically work on a current topic in IOB.
Students are expected to select one topic within the IOB field, develop a research proposal,
and produce a research paper.

Course objectives

1. To approach a current topic in the field of IOB from a scientific perspective.
2. To improve writing and presentation skills.
3. To produce an academic paper.
4. To prepare students to write a master thesis.

Schedule Information

Class hours: Tuesday 12:00-14:00
Classroom: VG 2.105
Kick-off: 17.04.2018
Lecturers: Prof. Carol Reade

Students can apply for the seminar until 31st March 2018 via email to sonja.franzke[at]
Please send your CV and your Summary of achievements, and name your Student-ID number!