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Law and Foundation: Information on the Department

The Department offers comprehensive advice and assistance on all legal questions which relate to the University in the context of its legal mandate. The following areas are covered:

  • Law governing the corporation
  • (Division 81, Head: Alexander Bayas)

  • Law governing capacity, examinations and foundations
  • (Division 82, Head: Susanne Rogge)

  • The law of research contracts and financial assistance for education
  • (Division 83, Head: Ralf Fischer)

  • International research contracts and legal issues
  • (Division 84, Dr. Kristina Lovric-Pernak)

The Department also carries out the duties of the "Foundation Office" that arise from the particular status of the Georg-August University:

  • Foundation Office
  • (Head: Dr. Christoph Conrads)

Further information on the department and services can be found in the Intranet.