LLP-IP at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences 2011

Lecture notes

A. Chéritat: Parabolic implosion (PDF)
M. Denker: Complex Dynamics and Fractals (PDF)
Y. Pesin: Hyperbolic Dynamics
S. Tabachnikov: Mathematical Billiards (PDF)
F. Vivaldi: Arithmetic Dynamics (PDF)
J. C. Yoccoz: Interval exchange maps (PDF)

Further readings

M. Denker and B. O. Stratmann: The Patterson Measure: Classics, Variations and Applications (PDF)
Y. Pesin and V. Climenhaga: Lectures on Fractal Geometry and Dynamical Systems
S. Tabachnikov: Geometry and Billiards (PDF)


V. Climenhaga Minicourse in Hyperbolic Dynamics
M. Denker and D. Koslicki Complex Dynamics and Fractal
D. Koslicki Complex Dynamics and Fractals, Mathematica Trial
S. Tabachnikov and P. Tsytsura Minicourse in Mathematical Billiards


List of projects on "Complex Dynamics and Fractals" (PDF)
List of possible projects on "Hyperbolic Dynamics"
List of possible projects on "Mathematical Billiards"
List of projects given to students (PDF)
Introduction to Mathematica, D. Koslicki (PDF)
Mathematica Notebook 1 (.nb), D. Koslicki (PDF)
Mathematica Notebook 2 (.nb), D. Koslicki (PDF)


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