GGNB Career Service Unit

Our Mission

The aim of our events is to take you a step further in your career development. We are aware that you have to plan carefully how you invest your time. Thus, a high quality of our program is very important to us.

To maintain these high quality standards, we follow three approaches.

First of all, the GGNB Career Service has been supported by academic director Reinhard Jahn who gave advice and impulses on the selection and concepts of events. He has many years of experience in supporting junior scientists in their career development.

Secondly, the GGNB Career Service has been shaped by its former coordinator Katrin Wodzicki who brought in her expertise: She has a pedagogical and psychological background, teaching experience, own experience as postdoctoral researcher (incl. publication, applying for third body funding and administration) as well as communication and media competencies. Although her position stays currently vacant the mission and activities of the GGNB Career Service continue under the remaining staff.

Thirdly, external trainers for workshops are carefully chosen in a goal-oriented selection process: They have topic-related expertise as well as experience with the target group. We specifically choose trainers who are open for adaption of their concepts to your specific needs. We carefully review their approaches and concepts before the workshop takes place the first time. Recommendations of colleagues who have worked with those trainers are very important for us. Furthermore, the quality of the workshops is carefully monitored. All new workshops are evaluated by the coordinator, who will participate herself to get a better impression of the trainer and the workshop concept. The coordinator may also act as co-trainer in some workshops. Additionally, feedback of the participants is taken into account and given great value. For our 2016 workshops, our participants have rated the quality of the workshop with an average of 1.57, 1.0 being the best possible result on a 5-point scale. The satisfaction with the trainers was rated an exceptionally high 1.31 (same scale). The majority of our workshop participants in 2016 would recommend the workshop to their friends and colleagues any time (average of 1.42, same scale). Based on the feedback, each workshop is evaluated afterwards together with the trainer and the potential for improvement is discussed.

We try our best to avoid that you waste your time in our events. Should you be dissatisfied nonetheless, please do not hesitate to get back to us with your complaints and constructive criticism!

Furthermore, if you are wondering if a workshop fits your individual needs, please contact us for advice. You can also always contact us if you think an important topic is missing in our program.