Curriculum Vitae

Chair for Civil Law, Competition Law, Insurance Law, Corporate Law, Regulation Law

Professor Dr. Torsten Koerber has studied law, economics and history at the universities of Göttingen, Munich, Singapore and Berkeley.After completing a legal internship at the Berlin Court of Appeals he published a dissertation on "The Competitor's Standing to Sue in German, US and EEC Merger Law" in 1996.

In 1996 he became assistant professor at the University of Göttingen where he worked with his academic advisor Professor Immenga and wrote a second book ("Habilitation") on "Basic Freedoms (of the EEC Treaty) and Civil Law" that was published 2004. In the same year, he was appointed tenured professor in Düsseldorf and one year later in Jena.

Since October 2009 Professor Körber has been teaching as full tenured professor at the Georg-August-Universität Goettingen where he holds the Chair for Civil Law, Competition Law, Insurance Law, Corporate Law and Regulatory Law. From 2014 to 2016 Körber was dean of his faculty.

After offers from the universities of Bayreuth and Cologne, Professor Körber decided to take new a position at the University of Cologne (Universität zu Köln) where he will hold the Chair for Civil Law, Competition Law and Regulatory Law, Law of the Digital Economy form October 2017.

Körber is member of the scientific advisory council of the German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) and advisor to several other institutions.

Körber is, inter alia, editor of the leading German Competition Law commentary (Immenga/Mestmäcker, Wettbewerbsrecht, 5th ed. 2012 ? 2016), of a commentary on the German Stock Corporations Act (Bürgers/Körber, Aktiengesetz, 4th ed. 2017) and of the antitrust law periodical "Neue Zeitschrift für Kartellrecht". In the future, he will be editor of a leading commentary the German Telecomunications Act (Berliner Kommentar zum TKG) as well.

Körber's research focuses on

  • competition law (all fields, special focus on merger control, media competition law, platforms, data economy),
  • regulatory law (telecommunications law und energy law with a special focus on digitalisation),
  • law of the digital economy (digitalisation, competition related issues of copyright law and patent Law, special focus on the Internet amd the data economy),
  • insurance law (contracts, torts and competition aspects with a special focus on renewable energies, digitsalisation, automatisation and "Industry 4.0"),
  • commercial and corporate law.

  • In this context, Körber is, inter alia, commentator of the EC Merger Regulation 139/2004. He has recently published books on the access to long distance heating grids under the essential facilities doctrine, and on standard essential patents (SEP), FRAND commitments and competition Law. He also published several articles, e.g. on the Microsoft and Google competition law cases, on technological neutrality and net neutrality, on media regulation, on energy law, on search engines, on competition in the field of mobile operating systems, and on legal questions of the platform based data economy.