Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology and The Ethnographic Collection

Presentations and Publications of Jannik Schritt, M.A.


  • (with Andrea Behrends) "Western' and 'Chinese' Oil Zones: Petro-Infrastructures and the emergence of new trans-territorial spaces of order in Niger and Chad. In Spaces of Order: Adaptation and Creativity in Africa, edited by Ulf Engel, Detlef Müller-Mahn, and Marc Böckler.

  • Crude Talking: The politics of naming, blaming and claiming in oil-age Niger. In The Ordering Power of Narratives, edited by Eva Riedke and Norman Schräpel. Working Papers of the DFG Priority Programme 1448. Halle & Leipzig. 29-33.

  • From Nuclear Imperialism to Petro Democracy? Resource assemblages and the emergence of a new political configuration in Niger. Canadian Journal of African Studies. 1-25.

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  • The "Protests against Charlie Hebdo" in Niger: A Background Analysis. Africa Spectrum, 50(1):49-64.

  • Erdöl und Macht in Niger. Welttrends, 97:46-52.

  • Transnational Governmentality of Energy Security after 9/11. Coup d'état, Terrorism, Militarization, and Oil in Niger. In: Colaguori, Claudio (ed.): Security, Life and Death: Governmentality and Biopower in the Post-9/11 Era. Toronto: De Sitter Publications. 193-244.

  • Transnationale Gouvernementalität. Eine Dispositivanalyse der Entwicklungspolitik in Anschluss an Michel Foucault. (unpublished M.A. thesis)

Conference Papers

  • "Oil and territorialization in Niger", Panel: 'Doing order, doing space', Final Results Conference of SPP 1448, Potsdam.

  • "The petro-political configuration: Entanglements of Western and Chinese oil zones in Niger", Panel: 'Toward an Energetic Anthropology of "Familiar" Capitalism', 114th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Denver.

  • "Crude Controversies: Disputes along Niger's petro-infrastructure", Panel 18 'Der Ressourcenboom und seine Folgen: Rekonfigurierungen von Landschaften, Territorien und symbolischen Bezugsystemen' DGV-Konferenz, Marburg.

  • "Situated Creativity: The practice of signifying oil within Zinder's political arena" SPP 1448 Workshop 'Multiple Creativities and Adapting Adaptation: In Search of Analytical Concepts' Basel.

  • "Oil Zones: Entanglements of Western and Chinese petro-assemblages in Niger" Panel 136: 'New political topographies? Economic Infrastructures and the Transnational Politics of Scale', 6th European Conference on African Studies (Paris).

  • "Contesting the oil zone: technological dramas, territorialization and knowledge transfers in Niger" Workshop: 'Technologies of control and the limits of social creativity', Kloster Banz/University of Bayreuth.

  • "Crude Talking: The Politics of Naming, Blaming and Claiming in Oil-Age Niger". Results Conference of SPP 1448 in Saly (Senegal), panel on 'Narratives'.

  • "Establishing an oil zone in Niger: contesting territoriality, ownership and resource control". VAD Conference Bayreuth, Panel 38: 'History and Politics of the Sahel Countries'.

  • "Gendered Assets in Oil Politics: Violent Masculinity, Patriarchy and forms of female agency in Niger". Workshop "Gender Dimension in SPP 1448", Leipzig University.

  • "Resource Curse and Rentier State in Niger?". Workshop "Oil, Rents and Politics", December 13th, 2013, Kassel University, Global Social Polices and Governance.

  • "Oil, Violence and Democracy in Niger" (together with N. Schareika). Workshop "Spaces of Violence in Democracies", Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZIF), Bielefeld University.

  • "Oil exploitation in Niger: From nuclear to petro democracy"? 5th European Conference on African Studies (Lisbon), panel on "Crudes Moves: Social fields of global oil".

  • "The history of oil in Niger and its narratives in political processes of realizing rights, aims and claims". NigerDay, GIGA Institute Hamburg.

  • "Oil, Power and Politics in Niger" (in German). Institutskolloquium, Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

  • "Oil, Power and Politics in Niger. Significations of oil as part of encompassing technologies in the production of order and disorder". Phd Summer School of SPP1448 in Maputo (Mozambique), panel on 'Significations'.

  • "An Ethnography of the Resource Curse in Niger: Oil-Politics and the Production of Disorder in Zinder". VAD Conference Cologne, panel on 'Ethnographies of the Resource Curse'.

  • "Oil, Wealth and Misery: Significations of oil and "the other" as constitutive elements of practice in the arena of working relations in Zinder (Niger)". German Anthropological Association Vienna, panel on 'Spheres of Exchange Unlimited'.