Graduiertenschule für Geisteswissenschaften Göttingen (GSGG)

Research Foci

Since 2013, there have been four Early Career Research Groups within GSGG, each led by two postdocs. Their research projects are situated within four interdisciplinary research foci, which represent the most prominent areas of the humanities in Göttingen:

These foci are manifested in diverse research activities, pursued through various institutes, research centres, and third-party-funded projects.

Each group contains up to five associated doctoral students, whose dissertation projects are situated within the corresponding research area. The doctoral students have workspace in the graduate school and can work physically and conceptually close to one another and with the postdocs.

The Early Career Research Groups meet regularly at colloquia, and hold lecture/seminar series, summer schools, and workshops.

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Former postdocs of GSGG:
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jens Elze since 1st October 2017 University of Göttingen
Dr. Erika Manders since 1st August 2017 Radboud University
Prof. Dr. Julia Hauser since 1st October 2014 University of Kassel