Chair of Information Management

The Chair of Information Management perceives the management of information and information technology as a key factor for the success of sustainable business. The chair’s current research topics focus on a holistic perspective of sustainable information management (IM).

We conduct research in the following 4 key areas of sustainable information management:
Research areas

(1) In our first research area, Mobility, we address the economic use of sustainable mobility concepts, such as electric mobility. Using multidisciplinary approaches, we find solutions for the major challenges of making mobility more sustainable. For these activities, we have set up a dedicated team of researchers: the Sustainable Mobility Research Group (SMRG, link).

(2) As a part of the DFG’s Research Training Group "Resource Efficiency in Interorganizational Networks," (link) we believe that access to the right information at the right time and place is a decisive influence on the efficient use of renewable resources. For the future, this makes renewable resources even more competitive as possible substitutes for oil-based products. Hence, within our second area, Renewable Resources, we investigate the role of information and its management in order to support the efficient utilization of resources in networks. Furthermore, we translate this perspective to the meat industry and develop solutions for monitoring and improving water efficiency.

(3) As resource consumption of IT is still rising, our third topic, IT-Departments, is concerned with the sustainability of IT in organizations. We work on solutions for the monitoring and management of IT-related resource consumption. This is what enables decision makers to make their business processes even greener.

(4) Consumer-originated technologies are driving significant changes in the way we communicate, work and create. Our research on digital transformation addresses the latest IT-trends such as social media, cloud computing, mobile technologies and business analytics, aiming to understand their impact on society and enterprises. We analyze and assess these trends in order to verify their role in the transformation of business stategies, business processes, and business models.

If you are interested in more detailed information on specific projects, please follow this link.