Sonderforschungsbereich 803


The Collaborative Research Center (SFB 803) studies the functionality and organization of proteins and peptides in lipid membranes and the molecular structures of membrane interactions using artificial membrane systems. This research is highly relevant for the scientifically interested public as well as pupils with an interest in the life sciences. The aim of "SFB@School" is to engage these two groups by demonstrating the high prevalence the SFB's research has for everyday life and to bridge the gap between school and university.

Within this project, highly complex experiments and topics of the research groups involved in the SFB are didactically processed into a selection of informational material appropriate for different target groups. These materials are then presented by scientists at public events such as the Nacht des Wissens, the Schnupperpraktikum Chemie and others. This enables scientists of the SFB 803 to communicate their research topics effectively to pupils, teachers and the interested public. Some of the publicly well received projects include:

  • The teaching unit "Vom Tensid zur Biomembran", which was developed and successfully applied in schools. By connecting research topics of the SFB with basic knowledge conveyed in chemistry and biology classes we aim to spark excitement for the natural sciences and to show the everyday application of current research. This teaching unit is now readily available online. Additionally, the journal "Praxis der Naturwissenschaften - Chemie in der Schule" has dedicated their March 2016 issue to the project "Vom Tensid zur Biomembran".
  • A video elucidating the everyday relevance of current research topics on biomembranes was produced in Collaboration with BeilsteinTV.
  • Based on the EXPOneer exposition concept developed by the Leibniz-Institute for Science and Mathematics in Education in Kiel, a commercially available shelving system was converted into a mobile exhibit on biomembrane research. In addition to informative texts and videos it features small, easy to operate experiments inviting visitors to experience the science behind biomembranes and surfactants first hand. The series "Ins Labor geschaut" on the website of the faculty of chemistry reports on the presentation of the exhibit at the IdeenExpo 2015. The exhibit remains in use for events at the University such as the concert series "Musik-Hör-Saal" and the "Saturday Morning Science" series. This appealing and well received low-threshold offer succeeds exceptionally well at raising awareness for current research topics of the SFB.