Göttingen Diversity Research Institute


Master's programme "Diversity Studies" (Diversitätsforschung)

Our MA programme "Diversity Studies" (MA Diversitätsforschung) started in the winter semester 2016/17. Here you can find further information by the student office. You can find more detailed information on our unique MA programme on our MA pages (as the programme is mainly taught in German, the detailed information is only available in German at this point).

Teaching at the Goettingen Diversity Research Institute

The teaching at the institute is oriented in various dimensions on questions and aspects of diversity: We understand diversity as a cross-section topic. This means that parts of our seminars explicitly refer to questions of diversity research (eg "From the promotion of women?s rights to gender mainstreaming to diversity management"). However, it is important for us in all courses to systematically incorporate and discuss issues of diversity, in particular social disadvantages and privileges as well as processes of social diversification.
Our teaching addresses a diverse student body. We aim to reflect students' diverse approaches to and conditions for learning and to take them into account in the organization and didactics of our courses.