Faculty of Business and Economics

winter semester 2016/2017 (current status: 12th of June 2016)

(all data conditionally)

Bachelor's Programme in Economics:*

B.WIWI-VWL.0045 Behavioral Finance Rau Registration: tba; Introductory meeting: tba
B.WIWI-VWL.0044Economics of the very long run: Economics of Terrorism StrulikRegistration: tba Wichtige Infos und Anmeldeformalitäten hier...; Introductory meeting: tba
B.WIWI-VWL.0045 Die demografische Herausforderung Sakowsky Registration: vis Stud.IP; Introductory meeting: 27th of Oktober 2016, 4pm, room: tba
B.WIWI-VWL.0045 International Financial Markets Berger Registration: tba; Introductory meeting: tba
B.WIWI-VWL.0045 Seminar zu aktuellen Problemen der Außenwirtschaft Rübel Registration: tba; Introductory meeting: tba (siehe: further information...)
B.WIWI-VWL.0045 Strategien der Wirtschafts- und Beschäftigungsförderung in Deutschland Sakowsky Registration: until Introductory meeting (documents in Stud.IP); Introductory meeting: 12 Juli 2016, 10am, room: tba
B.WIWI-VWL.0045 Varieties of Capitalism: Institutionelle Unterschiede zwischen nationalen Wirtschaftssystemen Proeger Registration: until 31th of July 2016 via Mail to Mr Till Proeger; Introductory meeting: tba

Master's Programmes in International Economics and Development Economics*

M.WIWI-VWL.0024 Seminar "The Latin American Economies: Crises and Reforms" Nowak-Lehmann Registration: Topics will be allocated only via StudIP starting on 1st October at 12.00 noon (go to 'Participants' - 'Functions/Groups', and choose a topic by joining a group), not via e-mail.; Introductory meeting: 20. Oktober 2016, 12:00 Uhr
M.WIWI-VWL.0025 Development Economics IV Klasen Registration: tba; Introductory meeting: 24th of Oktober 2016, 3pm
M.WIWI-VWL.0071Seminar zur Experimentellen Wirtschaftsforschung KeserRegistration: during Introductory meeting; Introductory meeting: tba
M.MIS.111.MpEconomic Reform and Social Justice in India VollmerRegistration: during Introductory meeting; Introductory meeting: tba
M.WIWI-VWL.0123.MpRecent Topics in Macroeconomics: The Chinese Economy WernerRegistration: tba; Introductory meeting: 24th of Oktober 2016, 4pm
M.WIWI/VWL.0132New Developments in International Economics: Globalization 2.0 StrulikRegistration: tba; Introductory meeting: tba

* We try to update this content on regular basis. Please also consult Stud.IP for additional information concerning the application procedures and course instructions.