In publica commoda

Dear Freshers,

I'm delighted that you have chosen the Georg-August-Universität as your university and Göttingen as your place to study. You have enrolled in a university rich in tradition with outstanding study conditions. The university offers a broad multidisciplinary spectrum with highly diverse combinations of subjects. As a town, Göttingen is also an excellent choice! With all the culture and sporting events available, there will always be many things to see and do in your leisure time, whilst the town's cosmopolitan atmosphere will make you feel right at home. I encourage you to take part in the numerous events Göttingen and our university have to offer.

With the start of your degree programme, you are starting a new, exciting phase of life. In many ways, the organisation and structure of a degree programme and of a university will differ from what you may become familiar with in secondary school, vocational training or professional employment. Use these free spaces to find your own way. You have been given a special challenge, but also a huge opportunity. Through the orientation and advice offered within the individual disciplines, by the faculties and student advisory services, we aim to help you master the initial hurdles of your first year. Take advantage of our Freshers' support! Also, avail yourself of the possibilities to help shape student life and politics by joining any of the student committees or academic bodies.

With this letter, I would like to cordially invite you to attend the Official Matriculation Ceremony on Monday, 16 October 2017 where we will mutually be welcoming all new students or "Freshers". I hope that your studies here kick off to an exhilarating and fun start and that Göttingen University will become your academic homeland and heartland. Above all, I wish you the self-assurance and endurance needed to see yourself through the difficult phases of your studies as well. But most of all, I wish you success!

Please accept my heartfelt welcome to Göttingen University!


Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulrike Beisiegel
President of the University of Göttingen