Electronic Commerce Systems


Type of Course Lecture
Term Summer term 2019
Credits 6 ECTS
Course language English
Responsible Instructors Nickerson, Robert C., Prof., Ph.D.
Palmer, Matthias, M.Sc.
Dates/Times/Location Dates and locations in UniVZ
ExamWritten exam (60 minutes)


This course examines the concepts, technology, and applications of electronic commerce, or e-commerce. Students are to work in teams to plan an e-commerce site for a real or hypothetical business and implement the site using PrestaShop. Students are to present their plan and implementation in a written report and in an oral presentation using PowerPoint.

Learning outcome / core skills:

Upon completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the characteristics and functions of electronic commerce including mobile commerce.
  • Describe and apply the process of developing electronic commerce sites and mobile commerce applications.
  • Implement an electronic commerce site using open source software.
  • Explain fundamental characteristics of electronic markets.
  • Describe common business models used in B2C and B2B electronic commerce.
  • Describe security and payment in electronic commerce including mobile commerce.
  • Describe the technology used in mobile commerce
  • List and evaluate common applications in mobile commerce.
  • Speculate on the future of electronic commerce.

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