Prof. h.c. Dr. Peter W. Schulze

Supervisor for the Euroculture modules „Construction of Europe” and ''Europe in the wider world: Russia''


December, 1942 Born in Gehren, Brandenburg, Germany

1950/1963 Primary and secondary education in Berlin and Hofgeismar/Hesse, Germany

1963 Abitur, Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium, Hofgeismar

1963/1965 German military service, Air Force

1965 -1969 Start of university education at Free University Berlin

1967-1968 London School of Economics and Political Science

1971-1972 Stanford University, CA, USA

1969 Diploma in Political Sciences, Free University of Berlin

1970 Research Assistant at Faculty of Political Sciences at the Free University, International Relations and Comparative Government; Soviet studies

1974 PhD, Free University of Berlin, Political Sciences, Summa cum laude, “Power and social classes in Stalin’s Soviet Union”

1973-1981 Assistant Professor, Free University of Berlin, Comparative Government and International Relations, Soviet Studies
Various assignments at Schiller College Berlin, University of Oldenburg, University of Marburg, University of Maryland, Berlin, Stanford University, Berlin Campus

1984 Habilitation, at Free University of Berlin, venia legendi in Political Sciences, “Organized labour movement in Roosevelt’s New Deal: the case of the US Autoworkers 19939-1941”

1981-83 Senior Research Fellow of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), Bonn

1984-87 UC Berkeley, CAL/USA, Visiting Professor; Head of West Coast research office of Friedrich Ebert Foundation

1988-1992 London, Director of the FES-Office in the UK

1992-2003 Moscow, Director of the FES in the Russian Federation

2001 Honorary Professor of University Rostov-on-the Don, Russian Federation

Since 2004 Private lecturer for Political Sciences, International Relations and Russian Studies at Georg August University of Goettingen


Numerous publications on topics related to international relations, the East-West conflict and the social, political and foreign policy of the Russian Federation, as well as Russian- European relations.