Dr. Mirko Jan Zülch

Short CV

  • 2010–2016: Research Associate, Chair of Electronic Finance and Digital Markets,
    University of Göttingen

  • 2010: Diploma Thesis: “Intraday Stock Price Reactions to Corporate Disclosures at the London Stock Exchange: An Event Study”

  • 2009–2010: Intern, Deutsche Börse AG – Xetra Market Development, Frankfurt

  • 2008: Student Assistant, Chair of Business Administration (especially e-Finance), Goethe University Frankfurt

  • 2008: Intern, UBS - Wealth Management – COO Business Management, Frankfurt

  • 2007: Business School, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

  • 2004–2010: Studies in Business Administration (Finance; Management and Applied Microeconomics), Goethe University Frankfurt

Selected Publications

  • Zülch, M. J., Muntermann. J., and Rajagopalan, B. 2014. “Drivers of Information Quality on Blogs: The Case of Business Events,” in Proceedings of the 20th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Savannah, USA.

  • Zülch, M. J., Rajagopalan, B., and Muntermann. J. 2014. “Drivers of Information Quantitiy: The Case of Merger-Acquisitions Events,” in Proceedings of the 18th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, Chengdu, China.

  • Zülch, M. J.; Weber, M. C.; Muntermann. J. 2014. “Social Media Choice: An Explorative Study on Information Transmission via Social Media,” in Proceedings of the 27th Bled eConference, Bled, Slovenia.

  • Zülch, M. J. 2013. “‘Will they merge?’ Financial Event-Related Information Processing in Social Media,” in Proceedings of the 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Chicago, USA.

  • Zülch, M. J. 2013. “An Empirical Analysis of Merger-Related Blog Posts,” in Proceedings of the 26th Bled eConference eInnovation: Impacts of Individuals, Organizations and Society, Bled, Slovenia.

  • Zülch, M. J., Alic, I., and Muntermann, J. 2011. “How "good" is bad News? Exploring Sentiments of Corporate Disclosures,” in Proceedings of the 17th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Detroit, USA.