Steps after admission to Erasmus+

You have got a place offer for an Erasmus+ exchange. Congratulation! Below you can find information about the next steps.

In addition to the information given here, you can find guidance about the procedure and the necessary documents for the entire Erasmus+ stay on the webpage Outgoing - Erasmus+ (KA 131).

1. Acceptance - until 10.03.

Besides your e-mail confirmation of our place offer you have to accept the Erasmus+ place in MoveON until March 10th. This is at the same time the binding commitment on your side. For this purpose, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions at the beginning of March. Make sure you have access to internet and your email address during this time.

2. Nomination at the partner university - until the respective deadline

Once you have confirmed - and therefore accepted - the selected Erasmus+ partner university in MoveOn (must be done until 10.3.), we can nominate you at the partner university. From then on you are an Erasmus outgoing student!

Good to know: For your nomination we must follow the instructions and deadlines of the respective partner university. Nomination for autumn term and full year outgoing students will take place between March 15th - end of May. Nomination for spring term will take place in September. You will get informed, when the nomination is done.

3. Apply at partner university - until the respective deadline

After being nominated by us it is time to apply at the partner university by yourself. If you are not contacted directly by the partner university, please check their website(s) to get information on application modalities and deadlines. Helpful links can be found under "How to apply".

4. Course selection at the partner university - learning agreement

Planning of your study programme and therefore course selection is part of the application process. Plan with ca. 25 -30 credits per semester and keep in mind that only modules of the (biological) partner faculty may be taken. Thereafter, you make the learning agreement using an Online Learning Agreement system (OLA). You will receive instructions on how to do this by us ( via e-mail ). The OLA must be signed first by you, second by us and third by the partner. Finally you must submit a PDF document with all three signatures to MoveON (until 31.5. for autumn term + full year outgoings and until 31.10. for spring term outgoings.)

5. Information Session by Göttingen International

You will receive further instructions about additional mandatory formalities by the Erasmus team of Göttingen International. At the same time the so-called Grant Agreement will be signed by you. The participation on this meeting is mandatory to you. It will take place in June for autumn term + full year outgoings and in November for spring term outgoings. Inform yourself on the webpage of Outgoing - Erasmus+ (KA 131) about the date/time and location of the information session.

6. During your mobility

It is strongly recommended that you take part at the welcome and introduction events at the partner university. Have a great time and follow your study programme as planned in your learning agreement. If course changes occur, you must announce this within five weeks after semester start at the partner university. To do so you edit table A in the part "During the mobility" of the OLA. The OLA must be signed once again by all three parties

7. Submit documents - up to four weeks after end of stay

In addition to the documents you need to upload in MoveON (see Checklist of Göttingen International), we ask you to send us the following documents via e-mail:

  • Field report (anonymized, what would you like to share with future exchange students, will be published on the website)
  • Transcript of Records of the host university

Only when we and Göttingen International have received all documents, the Erasmus+ stay is considered completed. Inform us and Göttingen International immediately in case of unavoidable delays!

8. Recognition

All courses listed in your transcript will be recognised as "Additional modules" in FlexNow. For recognition in the curriculum of your study programme please get in contact with your study programme coordinator of the Office of Studies Biology.