Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

Holger Militz

Holger Militz is the head of the section Wood Biology and Wood Products, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. His main interests are in the fields of (i) reasons for wood degradation by biotic and abiotic factors (ii) wood protection by coatings and wood preservatives(iii) new technological approaches to modify wood properties

Key expertise:
• Cell wall modification of wood by chemical reactions
• Degradation patterns of wood by fungi and wood protection
• Physical and mechanical behaviour of wood

Selected publications:
1. Dieste A, Krause A, Mai C, Militz H (2010) The calculation of EMC for the analysis of wood/water relations in Fagus sylvatica L. modified with 1,3-dimethylol-4,5-dihydroxyethyleneurea. WOOD SCI TECHNOL, 44: 597-606.
2. Scholz G, den Bulcke JV, Boone M, Zauer M, Bäucker E, van Acker J, Militz H (2010) Investigation on wax-impregnated wood. Part 1: Microscopic observations and 2D X-ray imaging of distinct wax types. HOLZFORSCHUNG, 64 (5): 581 585.
3. Xie Y, Xiao Z, Goodell B, Jellison J, Militz H, Mai C (2010) Degradation of wood veneers by Fenton's reagents: Effects of wood constituents and low molecular weight phenolic compounds on hydrogen peroxide decomposition and wood tensile strength loss. HOLZFORSCHUNG, 64 (3): 375 383.
4. Verma P, Junga U, Militz H, Mai C (2009) Protection mechanisms of DMDHEU treated wood against white and brown rot fungi. HOLZFORSCHUNG, 63: 371-378.
5. Weigenand O, Humar M, Daniel G, Militz H, Mai C (2008) Decay resistance of wood treated with amino-silicone compounds. HOLZFORSCHUNG, 62 (1): 112-118

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Holger Militz teaches the following courses:
Environmentally friendly Production of Wood (together with R. Wimmer)