Kerstin Wiegand

Kerstin Wiegand is the head of the section Ecosystem Modelling, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. Her main interests are in the fields of (i) spatial ecology, (ii) biocomplexity, (iii) biodiversity of plant communities, and (iv) nature conservation

Key expertise:
• Ecological modelling
• Spatial statistics
• Savanna ecology
• Population dynamics of Acacia trees
• Population viability analysis
• Integration of ecology and socio-economics

Selected publications:
Getzin, S., Worbes, M., Wiegand, T. & Wiegand, K. 2010: Size dominance regulates tree spacing more than competition within height classes in tropical Cameroon. Journal of Tropical Ecology 27, 93-102.
Getzin, S., Wiegand, T., Wiegand, K. & He F. 2008: Heterogeneity influences spatial patterns and demographics in forest stands. Journal of Ecology 96, 807-820.

Wiegand, K., Saltz, D., Ward, D. & Levin, S.A. 2008: The role of size inequality in self-thinning: a pattern-oriented simulation model for arid savannas. Ecological Modelling 210, 431-445.

Meyer, K.M., Wiegand, K., Ward, D. & Moustakas, A. 2007: The rhythm of savanna patch dynamics. Journal of Ecology 95, 1306-1315.

Wiegand K, Saltz D & Ward D 2006: A patch dynamics approach to savanna dynamics and bush encroachment. Perspectives in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 7, 229-242.

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Kerstin Wiegand teaches the following courses:
Ecological Modelling (together with Katrin Meyer)