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Strategic Human Resource Development

To achieve strategic goals companies need to recruit, retain and develop the right employees. In this regard the seminar focuses on strategic human resource development as one important driver of successful strategy implementation. The seminar provides an overview of the objectives, phases and measures of personnel and leadership development and introduces the students to different methods of training.
The seminar is praxis-oriented and fosters individual application and transfer. It has a significant practical element as students will carry out their own training designs and present them to the class. Therefore, in the first two sessions, basics of human resource development will be covered by the lecturer and an overview of training methods will be given. Building on this, groups of students will present their own topic in each session.

The Seminar covers the following topics:

  • Strategic human resource development (lecture)
  • Didactics and methods of training (lecture)
  • Competency management
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of training needs and diagnostics
  • Measures and organisation of human resource development
  • Ensuring Transfer
  • Quality management and controlling
  • Case: Design of a development measure
  • Leadership and Theories of Leadership
  • The first 100 days as a leader
  • Coaching
  • Development of (leadership-)teams
  • Organizational development

Qualifications aims:

Students will understand the relationship between strategy and human resource development and the different models as well tasks and phases of human resource development. By using an innovative approach the students will be enabled to plan and evaluate measures of human resource development in practice.


Please apply for the course until 30/09/2018. Press here for course registration.

Course Type: Seminar

Presentation and seminar paper.

6 C
Exam requirements:
To pass the course students have to write a seminar paper and give a presentation.
They have to prove, that they are able to systematically apply their knowledge of training design. Attendance is mandatory.

Attendance: 28 hours Self-Study: 152 hours
Entrance requirements:

Recommended prerequisites:
Basic knowledge of Human Resource Management

Language: English Lecturer:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian J. Froese

Cycle: Winter Semester

Term: 1 Semester
Max. students:
Recommended Semester: