Double Degree: Overview and Structure

1) Programme Overview

The programme starts every winter term. In this first semester you will take mandatory modules of the MSc Development Economics and leave for Stellenbosch in January. In case there are still exams to be taken around that time a simultaneous examination session can be arranged in Stellenbosch.

You remain in Stellenbosch (at least) until November, covering two semesters of studies and taking courses from the MComm in Economics curriculum. These courses get accredited towards your degree in Development Economcis upon your return to Göttingen.

The time between the third and fourth semester (November-March) is best used to complete your master's thesis - it's up to you whether to stay in Stellenbosch or return to Göttingen during that time.

Your last and fourth semester you spend again in Göttingen, completing the remaining specialization modules of the MSc Development Economics.

2) Programme Structure

During the double degree programme 120 credits have to be completed (please click on the blue links for further information):

First semester: Göttingen (30 credits)

Second and third semester: Stellenbosch (30 credits)

Between 3rd and 4th semester: Master's Thesis - Göttingen or Stellenbosch (30 credits)

Fourth Semester - Göttingen (30 credits)

3) Tuition

Students in the double degree remain enrolled at the University of Göttingen the entire four semesters. While staying in Göttingen the usual tuition applies. During your stay in Stellenbosch no tuition fee in Stellenbosch has to be paid, however, service fees of roughly €230. During your stay-abroad time you can furthermore be exempt from tuition fees due in Göttingen upon request at the dean's office.