Studying Euroculture at the University of Göttingen is far more than sitting in classrooms and spending time at the library!

The University of Göttingen, being an excellent place to study, was chosen to host the '15 Years of Euroculture: Europe in the Wider World' Alumni Conference" and is known for organizing various lectures - such as the 'Public Lecture Series' - and discussions outside the curriculum. Another aspect that might be interesting for you is the Intensive Programme, which is taking place every year!

One of the student's most recent projects is "Refugee Insight" .

15 Years of Euroculture
Public Lecture Series
Intensive Programme
Introduction Days 2015

"Euroculture is a very colourful,
fruitful and bright part of my road that goes ever on and on."

Begüm Yatzki, Euroculture Graduate and Ambassador

On top of that, every semester Euroculture students go on a study trip to Hannover, where they visit the European Information Center, the Sprengel Museum, the State Parliament of Lower Saxony and, if time and weather allow, the Herrenhäuser Gärten.

In the summer semester students face the challenge of organizing a study trip within the framework of Eurocompetence II class. In previous years Euroculture students organized trips to Berlin (2010), Hildesheim and Hameln (2011), Luxembourg (2012) and Warsaw (2013) and the most recent trip was to Budapest (June/July 2015).

Budapest 2015
Warsaw 2013
Luxembourg 2012
Hildesheim &
Hameln 2011

Berlin 2010

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