Erasmus Mundus MA Euroculture:
Society, politics and culture in a global context

Public Lecture Series: Imagining Europe:
Memory, Visions, and Counter-Narratives

During the financial crisis that has been going on since 2008, the role of the European Union has been under much discussion. The economic usefulness of the Euro has been debated just as the political implications of European unification. Most often, the current state of Europeanization has been presented as being without alternatives. For this lecture series, we invited scholars from various disciplines to elaborate on ways of imagining Europe that goes beyond the rather limited view of EU institutions that has been presented by politicians. How was, how is Europe imagined? Which memories are evoked, which visions explicated? Which counter-narratives to prominent discourses are there? How is the role of the university envisioned? The lecture series was dedicated to these and other questions and features speakers from Sociology, Political Science, English as well as French Literature, History and Theology.

The public lecture series was organized by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Martin Tamcke and Dr. Lars Klein.

Following lectures took place during autumn and winter 2013:

Beyond Globalisation and Transnationalisation: Thinking about Europe in Times of Cosmopolitization by Sabine Selchow (London), 31 October 2013

The European Higher Education Area and the Internationalization of the University of Göttingen by Esther von Richthofen (Göttingen), 14 November

German- Russian Relations as a decisive factor of the EU's Eastern policy: Unforeseen consequences of shifts of Paradigm by Peter W. Schulze (Göttingen), 21 November

Entangled Pasts - Remembering War and Violence in Contemporary French Fiction, by Claudia Jünke (Bonn), 22 November

Sketching A Cosmopolitan Europe, by Lars Klein (Göttingen) 28 November

Imagining a Transcultural Europe: Irish Counter-Narrativesby Asier Altuna (Bilbao), 5 December

Re-inventing Europe. Visions and experiences of Europe in the European Youth Campaign 1951-1958, by Christina Norwig (Göttingen),12 December

The Europeans in us. The use of ‘Europe’ by Orhan Pamuk
by Martin Tamcke (Göttingen), 19 December

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